The Nightshift…again

This article from Wired regarding just how bad working night is for the body makes interesting reading

After working almost entirely nights with start times that change every week for over a year now, I can confirm that they just ruin your mind and body.

I never really know what my mealtimes should be, I permanently feel exhausted at weekends and in the day, I’ve found it harder to control my weight and my general health has plummeted. I’ve had an ongoing throat infection that won’t shift and because of this am having to go for blood tests this week.

I love the driving but I feel the job is slowly killing me. Even a regular night-shift would be better than the crap we have to put up with. One week I’ll start at 5pm, the next at 4am, etc. I just feel completely fucked all the time.

Due to the current financial climate, there are no jobs about but as soon as I can move back to a day job I will do so.