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I was having a conversation with friends recently about the acceptability of swearing; two of them were agreeing that they would both be quite shocked if they heard anyone say “fuck” at work.

This made my think about how my perspectives on such things have changed. If I’m honest back when I was working in a highly professional office environment I’d have probably been quite surprised to hear such swear words but after a few years in a traditionally “working class” job I guess I’m now immune – pretty much all speech is liberally littered with swear-words and the desk managers and drivers will routinely call each other “cunts” and every name under the sun as a matter of course.

To be honest I don’t really find such language an issue as I do quite like swearing – it’s just another facet to our rich and varied language and a well chosen swear-word can often hit the nail on the head during a conversation.

Anyway, the discussion got me thinking about what I do find offensive at work which is the rampant, seemingly ingrained bigoted attitudes to race and colour that I have to listen to day in, day out.

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