Stupid things in cabs

Unfortunately we don’t have allocated units, so I often have to put up with this sort of crap in whatever unit i’ve been given to drive.

1. Dreamcatchers.
These rather annoying objects are often found hung in the back of cabs, or really annoyingly from the top bunk behind the driver. It’s a hoop with a mesh in the middle, and loads of feathers and shit hanging from the loop.

Dreamcatchers were originally used by Native Americans in order to protect their children from bad dreams. The bad dreams were caught in the net and only good ones were allowed through. So I guess truckers use them to give them a better night’s sleep or some such bogus crap.

Why do I find them annoying? Well for starters truckers are adults – learn to cope with your bad dreams, you’re not a baby any more. Secondly they flap about behind my head or clatter against the windows or get in the way when I want to pull the curtains. Get them out!!

I’ve even seen them in day cabs which is quite frankly ridiculous.

2. Confederate Flags.
Give me strength! This is the UK, not the Deep South; wake up fool! Also, why do you want to display such a symbol of racism in the front of your cab? Idiot.

3. Stuffed animals, etc.
If I find one more manky stuffed toy on the dash, strapped to the bunk, glued to the window or whatever I’ll do my nut. They are *not* cool nor are they funny, it just shows you up to have a mental age of under ten.

4. Dirty bedding
Please take your foul bedding/pillows/etc out with you – I don’t want to touch them for fear of what I may catch. Yuk!

5. England flags.
Jesus, we’re already in England, there’s no need to go on about it you football-loving oaf!

6. Name plates.
For example, “Burt’s Cab”, etc. Puurleeze, get a grip; it’s not your cab, we don’t have allocated units nor did you pay for it. You’re living in a dreamworld pal, it’s not your cab because I’m driving it and my name isn’t Burt.

On a more general note, I’m getting fed up with the general foulness of many of our cabs. I’m hardly neurotically clean but I really am getting tired of pissy smelling cabs because of other driver’s poor personal hygiene. Why not wash your clothes once in a while? Preferably wash yourself at the same time. Also, stop getting fifth-wheel grease everywhere, it’s foul. I usually have to spend five minutes with wet-wipes to remove the grime for the wheel, door-handles, gearstick, etc before I drive. Call me fussy but a sticky steering-wheel just isn’t fun.

Once, even a shit in a bag was found in one of our cabs. Says it all really.