It’s been quite an easy week at work – a reasonable start time (4pm) followed by a quick run up the A1 to Pontefract, then back to base, pick up another trailer and off to Ashton-Under-Lyne. After that it’s either return to base or do a backhaul.

The backhaul is usually from an Eddie Stobart depot near Burnley but last night I had to pick up ten tons of paint from a place near Leeds. Nothing unusual about that apart from the fact that when you get there at two in the morning the place is completely dead to the world.

You pull off the main road and some hidden security guard opens the barrier for you before you’ve even made the turn. You then go down through a massive yard full of trailers and units until you get right to the dingy end where our trailers sit. For some reason it’s spooky as hell. Big yards like this are usually full of light and noise with shunters, forklifts and units scurrying about everywhere. With all the people removed it’s an eerie experience.

I swap trailers looking over my shoulder all the time. I don’t see any security cameras in the vicinity – what if you had an accident here? After an hour or so I guess security would come looking but I don’t fancy relying on that.

After I’ve hitched up and waited for the air pressure to build back up I head out of the yard. On the way out I see another one of our drivers on the way in to pick up the other trailer. We exchange grunts and I head home, glad to be back on populated roads.