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so what is this all about?
this is a blog about my experiences of learning to drive articulated lorries and starting a career in the transport industry. as time has gone on it has also become my personal blog.

why not? it’s just a diary i guess…

i’m also hoping that some stuff that i write will be of use to anyone else who’s on the same learning curve or is thinking of getting into driving as a career.

  1. Hi…After looking at your profil in flickr I found this link to your blog…hope I am right here?! I saw some pictures of Meschia by you there…do you own the old guide of the area and do you want sell it to me, or know someone who owns it and doesn`t need it anymore?? Greetings from Germany!! Fabian

  2. Hi Fabian,

    You are right, I’m the same person.

    It was so long ago I can’t remember what we did for a guide – I think we bought one from one of the hotels in the valley.

    Isn’t climbing still banned there?

    It might be worth contacting Nibile on ukbouldering.com: http://ukbouldering.com/board/index.php?action=profile;u=827

    He is Italian but speaks excellent English. When we were at Meschia he was also there and he might be able to help you with some information.



  3. Ok thank you!! Yes…but climbing is only forbidden in one sector: Meschia vecchia…but I heard with the permission of the owner it should be possible to go bouldering there, too.

    I know there exists one old guide but you can`t buy it anymore today…so I try to find someone who dosen`t use it anymore…

    Thank you!! you helped me a lot!! Fabian