Recently, due to the bad weather and an unavoidable patch of ice I wrote-off my faithful Berlingo van. This left me stranded with no way of commuting to work; due to the hours I work and distance, public transport isn’t an option.

A friend and his wife very kindly loaned me their second car, and because the tyres were shot we went halves on a new set of tyres.

So there I am, zapping into work at 2am – clear roads, new tyres, fun fun fun. Shortly before I get to work I saw what I thought was a fox in the road ahead and start to brake. I hate creating roadkill and will avoid animals wherever possible. I managed to brake down from about 80 to 50 before I realised with horror that it’s not a fox but a load of wood strewn right across the road!

I had no choice but to hit it at speed so I scrubbed off as much speed as I could and released the brakes just before impact to unload the front axle. I hit the wood hard and it feels like the little car has taken off for a second. The cost of those tyres goes flashed through my mind and I dreaded what state the wheels will be in.

As I’m late for work I continued to work a half mile away and inspect the damage. There isn’t any – result!

I phoned the cops and tell them there’s debris in the road and they say they will send somebody out to sort it.

At work I spoke to another driver who said he’d just cleared the wood from the road! What the hell? This means that somebody was lying in wait and replacing the wood across the road after it was moved or hit by a vehicle.

As I go back past the spot in the wagon there are two cop cars hidden away near the site so they obviously suspect the same thing.

What the hell is somebody thinking doing something like that? They deliberately lie in wait and try to cause accidents – I’m staggered by the idiocy of some people; what if I had been on a bike? I’d most likely be dead.