about me

I’m a 44 year old British man from Sheffield who for the past few years has been driving a truck for a living.

Since leaving school and college, i’ve always worked in the IT industry, mostly as a programmer. For most of my career I was a contract programmer which earned me some serious money…unfortunately the line of work I was in all but disappeared overnight after the lucrative “y2k” work at the turn of the century.

After spending some more time scrabbling for work I ended up in a permanent job programming for a credit reference agency in Nottingham. It was about this time that i realised that I had had enough of IT and had sat on my arse in an office for nearly 20 years.

I was at a crossroads – what the hell to do? I wanted something that was low-stress, got me away from a desk and would enable me to pay the mortgage. I applied to be a postman but ended up at the Royal Mail working as a delivery and collections driver. This was ok for a while but the tedious nature of the job started to do my head in. The driving part was ok, but there was a lot of warehouse work involved too which started to depress the hell out of me….

….so, in 2007 i started training for my professional driving licences. I passed my category C test (old “class 2″) in the summer of 2007, and my category C+E (old “class 1″) in January 2008.

At the end of March 2008, through a friend of a friend I secured my first “proper” job, driving artics for Wilkinson’s in Worksop.

Since then I’ve moved on and am driving for another Worksop based haulage company but on a contract that involves carrying hazardous gas cylinders around the country.